Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Like a stab in the back...

Some might say that buying airline tickets for Christmas in June is much too early, and perhaps they would be right. But with gas prices rising and the threat of them reaching $6 a gallon by the end of the summer, I figured I better hop on the airline wagon before I ended up selling my kidney just to go home and see family for the holidays.

It's not pretty.

So then I remembered that I have this magic credit card that has benefits, like unlimited free companion tickets. I thought I would check it out to see if I could save myself some money. Turns out it wouldn't save me much and I would have to fly on these ridiculous dates and have connecting flights. So I weighed my options... I could spend $100 more, fly when I want and have a direct flight... hmm. Since this will be my first time flying with an infant, I think a direct flight would be advisable.

So I sucked it up and paid for my airline tickets, but it felt like a stab in back... a punch in the gut... a stinging slap in the face. Now I know why people back in the day never strayed too far from home.

Oh, and this magic credit card... I believe it was probably made for people who actually use their credit cards. Since I hardly use it and it has not benefitted me in the ways I thought it would perhaps it is time to stab it in the back... with a pair of scissors.

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Doug and Dawn Hardy said...

I feel your pain. Doug and I want to go back home for Christmas but the tickets are so much. Then Doug's sister told us about Jet Blue which were reasonably priced but we would have to drive 4 hours down to Jacksonville then catch a flight that takes us to JFK airport in NY and then take a 6 hour flight to Vegas. This is with two little kids and a baby. That sounds fun, right?