Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hello Rebel xti

Dear Rebel xti,

I realize you feel neglected and that I don't want to hang out with you, but it's not true. I also know you are feeling as if I prefer your film version brother over you, but that's not true either. I apologize that iMac doesn't like you and refuses to connect with you. He's old and a bit cantankerous, but I promise things will get better soon.

Remember how we went to the Yankees game a couple of weeks ago and you took some awesome photos of the pitchers? Or last weekend at my baby shower all the fun moments and good friends you captured? Or just the other day when Cameron and I had a successful mozzarella cheese making experience? You captured and preserved all these wonderful moments, but unfortunately, the world has not seen them.

But I have good news. Soon Mac Pro will be with us, and he really likes you. I think you will get along swimmingly and this blog will again be full of your wonderful images and vibrant colors. It's just a few weeks away. We do love you and can't wait for you to meet Nairn. I think he will be your best subject yet.

Yours truly,


Heather said...

i feel your pain...... life is much sweeter when rebel and mac get along!!! cant wait to see the new pics.

familia Bybaran said...

Let the Rebel rest. You will be using it SO much in a month or two! I hope you get your new computer soon.