Tuesday, November 20, 2007

6 facts...

Normally, in the world of my email, I never respond to these kinds of things, and I would refrain from doing it now, but it makes for interesting reading material. I also don't want my friends to think I am completely lame for not rising to the challenge. So despite my aversion to exposing myself too much, here goes...
1. I used to have a license to drive a forklift. When I worked for Ironman North America, I had to learn how to drive the forklift in case a shipment came when the guys were gone. I successfully unloaded a few pallets of Gatorade once before the guys showed up. My parents were so proud.
2. I have a strange fear of butterflies. I think they are pretty to look at from afar, but I don't like them near me. They freak me out.
3. I love to travel. I have been to Europe 6 times visiting England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Greece - some of those more than once. I would love to go to Africa someday, and I will.
4. I have done the Ironman. This really isn't news to most people because I wrote a Muse about it - several times probably. I have been running since I was 9 and enjoy doing things most people don't think they can do. Since then I have done several half Ironman races, NYC and Boston Marathons and Reach the Beach 200-mile relay twice. I have an illness.
5. I am obsessively anal retentively clean. I can't handle dishes in the sink, a ditry floor or clutter. I always put my clothes away and make my bed. The shower curtain has to be closed as well as the lid to the toilet. I probably mop my kitchen floor at least 2 times a week. Last week we were running late and there were a bunch of dishes in the sink. I didn't have time to do them before I left for work and it drove me crazy the entire day. Cameron, bless his heart, did them for me when we got home.
6. I love peanut butter... all natural only. I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich almost every day, and I put it on all kinds of things. It's a good thing I have an uncle who owns a peanut butter company and send me cases of it or I would be broke from buying all that peanut butter.
Play if you wish... I dare you... Marci, Ashley, Lindsey O., Ashlee, and Michael T.

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Beth&Cody said...

great facts! i also have a slight obsession with peanut butter, I have a great breakfast sandwich combo I should tell you about. although I was not challenged I took your challenge and came up with some of my own. thanks for the inspiration.