Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey Lurkey comes to town

So Saturday marked the pickup day for our organic heirloom turkey. I know it sounds like something that got passed down from your great grandmother, but since I am in this environmental-save the world from the evils of bad food and gas over consumption - I thought we would try out an organic turkey rather than a genetically manufactured one. We ordered it from a farm in Long Island and since we were only 1 of 2 people from the city who ordered one, we had to go to Brooklyn to pick up our little bundle of Thanksgiving joy. Since the weekend trains suck and since I wanted to get a run in, we decided to just run to 14th street from our casa where we would hop on the L train and end up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It turned out to be a beautiful morning albeit a little chilly, but we enjoyed running through the park and city streets. Cameron is such a great husband that he gets up and does all this crazy stuff with me most days. I love him.
Oh how I love the view around the reservoir in the morning. Look at those fantastic trees!

And another one of my favorite spots in the park, The Mall or Poet's Walk. I took some of my bridals here earlier this year, but the scenery was not quite so vibrant. Now is a good time for pictures in the park.

After picking up Turkey Lurkey, we decided to get some goods for the mashed potatoes and stuffing while we were at it. Here is Cameron in his new Spiderman pants, as he calls them. If I want him to run with me in the cold, I have to equip him with the proper attire.

And here is our bundle of joy at home... all 12.9 ounces of him. He's been resting a lot the past couple of days getting ready for his big debut on Thursday. I can't wait.


Nicole Cave said...

Wow it's beautiful there...I have got to get there one day!! I tagged you, just so you know!!:)

Aaron, Lindsey, and Zander said...

Are you guys making Thanksgiving Dinner or what are your plans?