Thursday, June 14, 2012

My personal vendettas

There are several things around here that drive me crazy, and if I had the time and energy I would go on a personal crusade to make change. Currently, my crusade involves a lot of complaining to Cameron, filing complaints via 311 and occasionally writing nasty letters. Here's a short list:

- the motorcyclists who literally speed up and down Morningside and Lenox Avenues on illegal bikes, with blatant disregard to traffic laws and people.
- the cops who do nothing about these motorcyclists
- NYPD in general. I can't say all the negative things I have to say about most of them. My positive encounters with the police department in this city could probably be counted on one hand while my negative impressions and encounters probably number in the hundreds. Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect - that is the worse description I have ever heard of the NYPD.
- NYC Parks employees who not only smoke inside the park, which is illegal, but do it while working.
- People who barbecue in the park and trash it leaving food and garbage strewn all over the place for someone else to pick up on Monday morning.
- People who don't respect their environment and don't teach their kids to respect their environment.
- People who try to tell me how to raise my kids, especially people who have no grounds for giving me parenting advice.
- NYC Parks department... I have made several complaints and written letters with little to no response and no change. Pathetic.
- Perks Lounge at the end of my street. It used to be a jazz bar, which despite the loud summer nights had pretty good music. I think there has been a change of ownership recently because now there are bouncers, they don't play jazz, there has been an increase of garbage, loitering and middle of the night brawling. Arghh. Tried talking to the police about it. They were not helpful. Surprise.

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Britney said...

We dislike the same things. I have to add that I especially can't stand the motorcyclists on St. Nicholas.