Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Williams-Sonoma,

I have long been a fan of your store. It has all the things I never knew I could have but didn't really need. If I didn't live in a NYC apartment where space is a premium, I might own all of the amazing gadgets on your shelves. I love the ones I do have and definitely use them enough to have made them worth any money spent on them.

I received a KitchenAid blender for my wedding 3 years ago, and it quickly became one of the most used gifts we received as well as one of the most popular items in our kitchen. Last summer, without notice, it gave up the ghost while making a smoothie. I was heartbroken. It was past warranty, so I took it back to your store and you graciously replaced it with a brand new one. I was won over yet again.

Off I went cradling my new blender on one side and my not quite one year old on the other to make more fruit smoothies. We loved it just as much as the first until we started to notice signs of an impending death. This time our beloved blender gave up the ghost after only a year. What was I to do? I had read the book, cleaned it properly, always used the ice crush function where required. I sent my charming and likable husband back to your store to see what could be done. I was certain we would be told we were out of luck. But, no, once again you took back the deceased blender and gave us a store credit for the full amount. On top of that, the manager assisting my sweet husband explained that this particular blender was really not designed to handle making smoothies and recommended something a little better. It would cost a little more but would handle our smoothie making needs.
So now we have a fancy new blender. It does make the best smoothies. And I am even more convinced that Williams-Sonoma hasn't forgotten about their customers. Yes, it can be expensive at times, but the expense is worth it. I am a customer for life. Thank you, Williams-Sonoma.


one happy customer drinking a very smooth smoothie


Cannon and Kassie said...

thats awesome! i had no idea that they did that! So i saw some cousins of Cameron's, Kristen (kelly) and Matt Longson we were great friends with them when we lived in SLC years ago. hope you are feeling great!

Melissa C said...

That is so awesome! I feel like I have been on the raw end of customer service issues lately with other stores, so it is really great to hear about a really exceptional experience with Williams Sonoma, and agree it is an awesome store. Will you be posting any of your recipes?

Dave and Mandy said...

LOVE Williams Sonoma. Amen.