Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sometimes I hate Anthropologie

I got the catalog in the mail the other day. And then I looked through it. And I wanted so many things. Like...

And sadly... I can afford none of them at this juncture. Anthropologie is a luxury I have not indulged in except in my dreams. Someday, may those dreams become a reality.


Reagan said...

Although I Every once in a while splurge on a full priced item, I usually wait for their sales. Their sales are amazing. Like 50-75% off!

How are you btw? I ate at community food and juice finally. We went yesterday. Although I've had a million people recommend this place, you were the very first. I loved it! Thanks!

Jen Bennion said...

We're in the same boat Nikki. I haven't purchased anything on sale or full price at Anthro in over a year. Target is my new replacement, if you can call it that. Ahh, someday right?