Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Highline Disaster

So everyone has been recommending that we visit Highline the park down in Chelsea. It's a park built on the old elevated rail tracks... very cool, very modern. Last week, I decided spur of the moment on a sunny afternoon to take JH down for an adventure. This proved to be a bad idea.

1. Molars+short nap=Cranky JH

2. He's one and practically walking, which means he wants to be on the ground every chance he gets... not to mention he is 100% boy.3. Because he's 100% boy he likes to play with dirt, rocks, grass... you name it. This is him looking innocent just holding a few rocks.And then moments later this is him throwing the rocks overboard... I think I heard one hit a car below but I am just going to pretend my ears were playing tricks on me. Every time I put him down, he was crawling all over the place, getting into the rocks, trying to pull at the "decorative" grasses, etc. The Highline Staff were crusty about it mentioning how he wasn't allowed to play in the rocks every time I put him down. So I would pick him up and he would throw a first rate tantrum. It was about this time I decided it was best if we went home. I would have to return some other time. At least I got to see how some New Yorkers use their roof space for flowers.


Beth, Cody, Morgan and Pepper said...

At least you got some great pics and another great "only in NYC" story. Happy belated 1st birthday to John Henry. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day and yes I agree the big party is more for the parents, which is exactly why I had one:)heehee

naomi megan. said...

oh my goodness i cannot believe how big little john henry is!!! and those blue trousers are too cute!!

hope you make it to the park and have a better experience next time!


Julie said...

Hey Nikki - thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Your little guys is so adorable!!

Kjelstrom Family said...

JH looks so "grown up" in these pics. I love how you celebrated together as a family for his b-day. I like that kind of low-key, family celebration myself. Yeah! Beautiful roof-top garden...don't you love apartment living? :) I do. Love ya babe.

JC said...

hah hah....I LOVE this. Madeleine is the EXACT same way. LIke the security guard who tells me that Madeleine isn't supposed to climb on the public sculptures. I'm like, duh....I KNOW that. And then the tantrum...i love it when my kid screams bloody murder and everyone looks at me like I'm this bad guy...nice... :)