Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama on the left... McCain on the right

Never in my life can I recall a time when the elections have taken up so much of our time so far out from the actual day. But I cannot recall a time during my life when an election was so controversial... an African American, a woman, a Mormon. Immigration, gay marriage, the war in Iraq, universal health care, an economic crisis... all things we have become more than familiar with in the last year as the candidates have tried to sway the American public in their favor. I no longer care about Democrat v. Republican. I do care about what happens to the country, the economy, our foreign relations, health care.

My cousin Stephanie who works in DC for an Ohio Senator, posted this great video. I thought it a nice contrast of non partisan political fun from the ugliness that is taking place in California over Prop 8. My friend Sarah has been heavily involved in campaigning for it and apparently there are quite a few people out there who don't like it as evidenced by the vandalism on their homes. Intolerance is all around us.I wish I could say I know exactly who I am voting for next Tuesday, but I am still rather conflicted. I think a decorated war hero is good for our military relations and patriotism. But I also think a younger, vibrant candidate with the ability to motivate a nation could make a big difference. I think the VP choices are poor for both sides, and right about now I hope McCain is kicking himself for not choosing Romney who would have been an asset during this economic crisis. I have a lot of research to do over the next few days and then I am going to spend some time on my knees.


Sarah L. said...

Hey girl, thanks for the shout out. I am not too hot on either candidates but I know that fishy stuff has surounded Obama. I copied the new thing going on around here with Obama. I'm starting to think that going to the major extreme (obama) isn't going to be good. What about the American dream of working so hard and making lots of money. He will kill that. Anyways, Thanks again for the support you are giving me on this Prop 8 stuff:)
Here is the repot I just got on Obama:

I have a very important update on the election. But first,
I want to be clear -- Liberty Counsel is a nonprofit
organization and therefore does not support or oppose
any candidate for office.

That said, I feel I must address a situation that is important
to every American. We have witnessed media "spin" or "silence" on all of
the issues we are fighting to defend - perhaps
especially on ballot initiatives that would preserve marriage
as the union of one man and one woman.

+ + We the people have a right to know

Now the Los Angeles Times is refusing to release a video in
its possession that reportedly shows Barack Obama toasting
Rashid Khalidi-a mouthpiece for the Palestine Liberation
Organization (PLO) who espouses violent anti-Israel views.

In the toast, Obama is said to speak of his long friendship
with Khalidi. One speaker evidently compares Israeli "Zionists"
to Osama Bin Laden.

Voters deserve to confirm or deny this report with their
own eyes! Only then can they decide what to believe about
the media reports on the LA Times video.

There are many unanswered questions presented by this video.
Perhaps the story is exaggerated. Perhaps it is true.
Either way, we deserve to know.

And if the LA Times can suppress vital information that
could affect our national security, what are they willing
to do to make sure that same-sex marriage is the law on
November 4?

No matter which candidate you support for president, you're
entitled to full disclosure on where the candidates stand
on key issues. During this year's election cycle the media
has cast aside all pretense of objectivity.

They have become shameless shills for political candidates
they support and have railed against ballot initiatives - such
as marriage protection amendments - they oppose. The LA Times
is among the worst offenders.

I believe this is a question the American people deserve to
have answered - and that's why the LA Times must release this video!

+ + Urgent Action -- Tell the Times to release the video

I'm asking you to contact the LA Times today and demand that
this video be released:

Phone: 213-237-5000 Fax: 213-237-7679

Also, take a moment right now to email the LA Times:

Finally, please forward this message to your friends.

Too much is at stake to let the LA Times suppress what could
be a key piece of information that the American voters deserve to hear!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

familia Bybaran said...

Rashid Khalidi was a colleague of Obama's at the University of Chicago. Obama was asked to speak at a dinner that was held in Khalidi's honor as a farewell. Obama has no more link to "Islamic terrorists" than any other candidate. I find it troubling that because Obama is different (Kenyan father; lived in Indonesia), we are so quick to use fear tactics about his relation to Islamic extremists. I put "Islamic Terrorists" in quotes because the PLO is the sole representative of the Palestinian people. Because of the violent history between Israel and Palestine, people have called them a terrorist group because of some of the measures they have used to "defend" themselves against Israeli aggression and to wage counter-attacks. The fact that Obama spoke at a dinner in which a former PLO member was being honored long after he served on the PLO is not only not newsworthy, but shows to me that Obama is not your typical politician. In the U.S., you cannot win an election if you show any sympathy toward the Palestinian cause because of various political realities. McCain, Bush, Clinton, and many others have shown incredible sympathy toward the palestinian struggle and have sat down with the PLO, but NOT while running for office.

I cannot understand opposing Obama. There are very many smart reasons to disagree with his policies, but these lies and fear tactics are just silly politics. Obama's healthcare platform may not be what this country needs, but he is not a socialist. Obama's tax plan may not be to your liking, but he is NOT a terrorist. You may disagree with his view on Roe vs. Wade, but he is NOT the anti-christ. Obama may not agree with the Iraq war, but he is NOT unpatriotic.

Anyway, just my two cents. You obviously know where I stand on this, but I am just getting tired of all the emails that I have been forwarded lately or the things I have been seeing in the press that are not only offensive to me as an Obama supporter, but as a person of color, a friend of muslims, and a foreign-born individual. Sorry for the rant.

P.S. that video was awesome. We watched it several times.

familia Bybaran said...

I meant to say, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to oppose obama; I DO understand opposing obama. Freudian slip...

April Lowe said...


Just do your research and you'll know who to support. There are a lot of things about Obama that the liberals are hiding because of all the media support they have. Having the in-laws I do you'd better bet they have researched these politicians backward and forward and I could NEVER vote for Obama. Andy's grandfather also knows McCain
(he was a senator when he was younger) and says that he is a good man and the better choice between these two. I also feel that we don't have a really great choice here but in my eyes McCain is definitely the way to go. Learn about the abortion laws that Obama got passed in his home state of Illinois and how babies who were the product of botched abortions were denied medical treatment and left to die in a hospital surrounded by doctors who could save them and allow them to be adopted by loving families. Being a mother myself and having been at the point of adopting because of infertility I cannot understand this or support anyone who is party to this. This is just ONE reason I don't support Obama. On top of that his economic policies, healthcare reform, and taxes are other reasons. "Inexperience is another. Andy served in Denmark where there is universal healthcare or whatever you want to call it and it was terrible - the worst thing you can do to healthcare. Call me if you want to talk politics more. I'm blabbering on now.