Monday, July 14, 2008

A stark contrast

On Saturday, Cameron and I went to see Wall-E. We are big fans of Pixar because not only is the animation top notch but their stories are equally as amazing. As we sat in the theater watching the previews of movies we will probably never go see, one came on from Disney called Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I was embarrassed for Disney. I turned to Cameron and said, "Disney has sunk to a new low." What happened to their good movies like Pinocchio and Jungle Book? Who are the jokers running Disney these days anyway? Poor Walt is turning over in his grave wondering what happened to the classic children's stories he built his empire on. The preview made me want to escape. I can't imagine that there are many people out there who will want to go see such a farce. Who is this target audience?
And then Wall-E comes on, and we watch in amazement. I loved it partly because the characters are so lovable, partly because the animation is great, and partly because of the subtle (or not so subtle) social commentary on the environmental crisis and humans (or dare I say Americans). Haven't seen that kind of genius in a Disney movie in who knows how long. They have no idea how lucky they are to be attached to a name like Pixar. It is saving them or at least allowing them to hold on by a thread.

If you haven't seen Wall-E, I definitely recommend it. You will not be disappointed. I cannot say as much about Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


Melissa C said...

I knew you would love Wall-E. As much as it bothers me that our 2 year old is addicted to television already, it was fun to take her to see it. I LOVED the social commentary. We need to take better care of ourselves and our planet, and talk to people face to face.

whitney williams said...

good to know about Wall kids wanted to go but I wasn't so sure it was going to be entertaining on the adult side :)

familia Bybaran said...

Loved Wall-E. SO good. YOu would be disappointed to know that Kian and Cyra were rolling over in their seats laughing during the preview for the chihuahhua movie.