Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The long wait is over

Farm fresh food is in the house!! We picked up our first booty of farm treasure last night, and we couldn't be more excited.

Oh, yes, freshly picked strawberries that taste the way strawberries were meant to taste. We put them on our salad of fresh greens, arugula and spinach last night along with some goat cheese and these divine radishes below. We were in heaven. Michael Pollan would be proud.

These radiant beauties (the strawberries and not the radishes) also went on my Cheerios this morning along with the raw milk, and I tell you nothing tasted better. Sure, I know I'm not supposed to drink raw milk and eat goat cheese or any other number of food items because I'm pregnant. Whatever, I do in moderate quantities. I have also skipped several days of prenatal vitamins, but as Cameron says there are probably more vitamins in all this fantastic food we are getting from the farm than in my prenatal vitamins. So shoot me.


Rebecca said...

OH MY GOODNESS that looks fabulous! Way to go. And yeah, I didn't take prenatals. Not something I'm proud of, it just seemed like something I could never remember. You'll notice, however, that despite my lack of child is perfect. So at ease Nikki, at ease.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

I never knew you weren't supposed to be eating goat cheese. That's one of my main food groups.

I wish we'd joined our local CSA this year. It just didn't happen.

sunnyandmarc said...

Your farm share looks awesome. Ours is not awesome but it is great. The only thing missing is the milk. And some of those radishes. Yum.

Mical said...

Wow, I could hardly believe those to be radishes! Definatley NOT what they look like in the grocery stores here! I wish we had yummy fresh produce like that...definatley something I miss about my home in Oregon.