Thursday, November 29, 2007

Light it up

So once again I found myself in Rockefeller Center waiting for that all important tree to light up. However, instead of standing outside in the cold for 5 hours only to watch the festivities on a huge jumbotron because 5000 other people decided to stand out there for 6 hours... I was on the 10th floor of one of our buildings right in Rockefeller Center with an excellent view of the tree. I had to plan a reception there last night for work and stuck around for the party with Cameron since he had never seen it due to the fact he was an indentured servant for about 5 years (he is just now getting to see all this great New York stuff).

I have to say that it felt like watching a football game because there was about 5 minutes of action and 10 minutes of downtime during the commercial breaks. And since I don't really care for Nick Lachey, Celine Dion or High School Musical, I found myself enjoying the company of my husband more than anything else. But, at least we were inside... sitting... with access to food and bathrooms with a view of the actual tree. Here is what the night produced....

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Marci & Daniel said...

I'm so glad you posted this recording! I tivo-ed it, but the show ran over time and the lighting wasn't recorded! All that Nick C, High School Musical, Celine D., and Rocketts (were they awful, or was it just me?) for nothing. Thank you for letting your readers live the moment. :)