Thursday, October 04, 2007

Deployment and deportation

I came across something disturbing yesterday. I don't claim to know even a fraction of what there is to know about immigration laws in this country, and it's probably a good thing I am not the decision maker in case by case situations because deep down I am a softee and a defender of the underdog. However, I feel that there are some situations regardless of what appears to be illegal and against current immigration rules and regulations that should be no brainers. Take, for example, this case. A US sailor who is being deployed for the 3rd time to Iraq faces an even more devastating blow with the unfortunate news that his wife may be deported to Guatemala while he is away fighting for the US. So the very country he is defending is trying to kick his family out. What??? Someone please tell me if this makes sense. I would like to know how we can treat our military with such callous insensitivity. I understand that his wife may have entered the country illegally almost 20 years ago, so shame on her. But it's been 20 years, and now is not the time to tell her to get out while her husband is overseas risking his life for this country that is telling her she is not wanted here. I think this is backwards and wrong. The real kicker is that they have a child who was born in the US, which makes their son a US citizen. If his wife is deported, the son will have to stay here making for a very sticky situation. I support laws on immigration. I don't support illegal activity. But I feel that when it comes to the military, they need to have a policy on this kind of a case, so that we don't stab those who defend us in the back.


Ann said...

I agree with you. I wish there were a way to welcome ALL people into our country to enjoy the blessings that we enjoy. What a devastating story about that US sailor. So, so sad!

I'm so glad you got to have some fun with some old friends recently! There is nothing more exciting to me than having people come visit. By the way, I LOVED the bluish (linen?) dress you were wearing in some of your pics! Would you mind revealing where you found it? And would you mind if someone on the west coast was sporting your dress? I would sure love it! I'd even get it in a different color or something (probaby a bigger size, for one...)

Tris & Ken said...

I agree. What a sad story. i'm still not sure about what the real best solution is for our immigration issues. But that is a sad story and I have heard so many sad stories like that-- enough for me to know that we haven't found the best solution yet. you guys look like you are doing great, take care!

nikki said...

Ann, I got the dress at Jcrew. It was one of their final sale items, so I got it for a total steal. If they are still on there, you should get one because it is so comfortable.