Monday, October 01, 2007

And so they go...

Goodbye Matt and Schwendi! Enjoy the rolling and dusty fields of Oklahoma and may you break into song whenever you cross the stateline.... "O---Klahoma where the wind goes sweeping 'cross the plain..."

It was a weekend of hellos and goodbyes. Hello Mala! Hello Natalie! My former college roommate came to NYC for a show after a wedding and had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Kelly where the neighborhood is interesting, the service is great and there is a plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting for your return. And Hello Catilin! After 2 months of trying to get together since her nuptials, it turned out to be a good weekend for girl time.

Mala decided to come up for the weekend before she and Mason headed out to Mexico City on Sunday night. She and her sister-in-law Collette crashed at Hotel Kelly as well. It was a whirlwind weekend involving spectacular eats at Piccolo Angolo (Cameron ordered the rabbit... never had that before but it was rather good. We figured any place that offers rabbit probably knows how to make it and make it well.), chocolate Babka, a recap of Xanadu, running in the park, a long local ride to Brooklyn, girl talk, the Burger Joint, Michael T, chocolate chip cookies and lots of laughter.
We took the train to Brooklyn to say goodbye to Matt and Heather and wish them luck on their new midwest adventure. Lucky for us, Caitlin lived in the same building, so we had a chance to see their new apartment that looked like a page from the IKEA catalog. Since we have all gotten married in the last 6 months, we spent some time catching up.

Meanwhile, my college roommate Natalie and her husband Hayward were visiting the jolly old East Coast for a wedding in Connecticut and took advantage of the close proximity to the city as well as the main attraction - ME. Just kidding, they came into the city Saturday afternoon, met up with Cameron and I, Mala, Michael T, Ian and Alison, and Jan, Eliza and Millie who happened to be in the neighborhood as well. We all converged on the Burger Joint, which is just a New York classic.

We had 4 people, in addition to Cam and I, sleeping at Hotel Kelly on Sat. night. It was cozy and there were cookies. By 6 am Sunday morning, it looked as though no one had been there. The blankets and sheets were folded, all the bags and asundries were gone, the air mattress looked sad and lonely and the air was still with the memory of a great weekend.

I love seeing old friends, especially the kind that you haven't seen in years but it's as if nothing has changed. It was so fun to see Natalie and Hayward because it's been a very long time. And I always love seeing Mala. She is one of my best friends, and I miss her terribly. She's my hero in many ways, and I look forward to those times when she stops by as she is on her way to somewhere else. Of course, I would rather that she just lived next door, but that will probably never happen. And Caitlin, I know she only moved to Brooklyn, but around here she might as well have moved to Pennsylvania :) I'm actually kind of glad she lives out there. It will give me an excuse to explore a new borough.

Friends are like gifts, and I feel like this past weekend was Christmas.

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