Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good Morning New York

There are some mornings that just go down in the books as really good mornings. Today was one of them for no reason in particular. Cameron and I got up at our usual time and headed to the pool. It took unusually long to get there, but once there we had a lovely time swimming laps, with almost an entire lane to ourselves. When we were done, the sun was shining and it was the perfect temperature outside, which made me really not want to go to work. Right outside the 135th Street subway stop, there is a couple who sells homemade tamales. Everytime I would come out of the subway to go to the pool I would think about how I wanted to buy one, but not at 6:30 am. As I told Cameron this, he decided we should get some today, so we walked across the street and bought 2 tamales before getting on the subway. I had a little extra time to get into work this morning, so once we got off at 59th street, we ate our tamales in the middle of Columbus Circle by the fountains looking at the Time Warner building with the sun on our backs. The tamales were good and not as spicey as the couple insisted they were. We then walked through the park to work. It was lovely. I wish every morning could be like this, but I must take advantage of them before they turn dark, cold and brown. Long live the green, sunny New York mornings! How lucky am I that my husband not only lets me wake him up every day at 5:30am but convince him to go run, ride or swim with me before work... and loves me for it? I might just be the luckiest girl in the world.

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Aaron, Lindsey, and Zander said...

I admire you! I have the hardest time waking up early to exercise! I will go...just any other time of day than in the darkness of morning! Sounds like a BEATIFUL morning, though!