Monday, July 16, 2007

A Harrell Kelly Reunion

Mala and Mason have a big and busy year ahead of them traveling the globe from Mexico City to Kenya. And since Cameron and I are going to miss our friends while they globetrot, we decided to spend the weekend with them in Bethesda. It just happened that this was really the only available weekend before they left for San Diego and Havasupai even though Mason ended up taking his boards on Saturday. We took the Vamoose bus down and arrived around 10 or so. Since Mason was sleeping at the casa, we decided to catch up the Tastee Diner, where we got some pancakes that could have been deep fried. Cameron kept calling it the Greasy Spoon.

Saturday Mason headed to his 8-hour test (blah), and Mals, Cameron and I went for a little run along one of the many trails around Bethesda. DC and it's surrounding cities have miles and miles of wonderful trails for running and biking. They are beautiful, especially the ones along the Potomac. We picked up some fresh raspberries at the farmer's market and let Cameron make French toast for us from Great Harvest Bread. After filling up on our bounteous breakfast, we decided to get a dose of history by visiting Mount Vernon.

Mala dropped Cam and I off so we could explore Washington's estate for a couple of hours while she ran some errands. We had a fun time walking through the gardens and forests, looking at his 16-sided barn, checking out his advanced farming techniques, meandering through the forest, petting the horses and loving the sheep. It was beautiful and very fitting since I just finished reading a book on American history.

That afternoon, we waited for Mason to come out from his test and made him a poster. He survived and probably did very well. In an effort to take his mind off of medicine and testing, we went for a walk, grabbed some grub and watched Ratatouille.

Unfortunately, Mason had to leave on Sunday morning to "go play army man in the forest" as Mala says. Cam had fun dressing up in his gear and we all sent him on his way.

I miss my Mala. It's so funny how different things are this summer than they were last summer. Both of us are now married. Mala is off on a grand adventure. I miss her though. We love them and can't wait to see them again soon.

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Nicole Cave said...

That is such beautiful country. What a great thing to be able to visit.