Tuesday, April 09, 2013

What's for dinner?

It's sometimes hard to come up with a week's worth of menus all at once, but it keeps me on budget and on track, otherwise we may end up eating cereal for dinner. I have to know what I am making so that I can plan it into my day.

Tues: Quinoa salad with Mango and Black Beans (I add lime juice and a little honey to the sauce)
Wed: homemade macaroni and cheese with steamed/roasted broccoli (loosely based on this recipe)
Thurs: Turkey Burgers with homemade fries and cucumbers
Fri: crockpot chicken tacos with spanish rice and salad
Sat: Pizza and arugula salad
Sun: Chickpea Cakes with Roasted Cauliflower and salad
Mon: Carrot Soup (John loves this and requests it, so I make it a lot)

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