Monday, March 18, 2013

What's for dinner

Sometimes I cater to my kids' requests because they don't make that many when it comes to dinner, we had hot dogs and broccoli on Saturday instead of chili. That pushed things back a day, which is cool by me. So here's what we are eating this week:

Mon - potato tart and asparagus
Tues - crockpot sesame honey chicken and carrots over rice (it was good. Not awesome, but good. I roasted the carrots, which were lovely. When I make this again, I might have to make some adjustments to make it awesome, but it gets a thumbs up for being easy and practically hands free.)
Wed - broccoli pesto pasta
Thurs - honey lime tilapia with green beans and rice
Fri - waffles and smoothies (it's my birthday so I reserve the right not to cook anything fancy)
Sat - Brussels and shells 
Sun - ranch house pork chops in the crock pot with mashed potatoes
Mon - corn cakes with avocado tomato relish


Margo said...

I am so excited to try some of your meals. They look amazing. Thanks for posting them. Love you.

Kathy Burkhardt said...

Looks like some pretty awesome meals