Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Second Funnest Wedding Ever... but definitely best New Year's Eve Ever

 My gorgeous and awesome cousin Stephanie got married on New Year's Eve. It's only second to my wedding and only because it was mine not because it was better, get it? Anyway, so fun. And I got to enjoy the reception without my kids, which was the only thing I did the entire wedding weekend without them and therefore the only thing I truly enjoyed without stress. She and Adam were truly radiant. She was gloriously beautiful and the whole thing was just perfect. Now I am just anxiously awaiting their return to NYC so I can hang out with them for the 6 short months they have here before moving on to the next big thing. Best way to end and start a new year.


Eliza said...

Your cousin isn't the only gorgeous and awesome one at the wedding. You are pretty dang awesome and gorgeous yourself, just sayn'!

Glad you had so much fun!!

Margo said...

It was so fun being with your guys. You are an amazing mother. Love ya.