Friday, January 13, 2012


John is sure we are having another boy. He may very well be right. Here is one of our most recent conversations...

John: It's another boy.
Me: You want another boy? You like having brothers?
John: Yes. I want lots of brothers.
Me: Hmm.
John: I want 5 brothers.
Me: Well, I can pretty much guarantee their will not be 5 brothers, but you might get another one.

I love my boys, but there will not be 5 brothers.


Mom said...

My grandsons are too cute!!!

The Hepworths said...

John is getting so big! And I love that he wants all brothers. I'm pretty sure I had that same conversation with my Grant this week, no sisters just more brothers.

Beth, Cody, Morgan, Pepper, Hazel said...

Haha that is funny. How easy it seems in John's mind that you could give him 5 brothers. Got to love their innocent minds.

Emily Kate said...

I missed the announcement. Was there an announcement? :) Either way, congratulations!!