Friday, November 13, 2009

Ironman Revisited

Six years ago I did Ironman Florida with my dad. This past weekend, I revisited the race as a supporter as my dad was doing it again. It was fun and different being a spectator and not a participant or race organizer as I was in the past. As the gun went off in the morning and the athletes headed out into the water, Cameron turned to me with the video camera on my face and asked, "Do you miss it?"

Right after I did the Ironman, I was so energized and excited and I wanted to do it again. I had planned to do another one the following year. This was my lifestyle, so it seemed so normal and natural. But then I moved to NYC, and it wasn't so easy to train or find the time as I once did. Life happened. There were new interests, a marriage, a baby. And here it is 6 years later and I haven't touched an Ironman... and figured if I were to do another one it would be many years from now. I've done a couple of half Ironman races, 2 marathons and 3 200-mile relays, but the Ironman seems like another lifetime ago.

This was my answer to his question... Yes, sometimes I do miss it. And being at the race made me miss it even more. It is perhaps one of the most inspiring events you could ever attend. You could be the most out of shape person and walk away from witnessing an Ironman saying to yourself, "I'm going to do this." It's fun. It's hard. And it's satisfying. I miss it. But I feel like that part of my life is over, at least for now because I am not willing to sacrifice my family and what little time I do have to train for it, especially since I have already done it. If I were single, I would probably still be running with that crowd, but right now I have other things that are more important to me than that. But, yes, I do miss it.I was able to see my good friend Shelley that I worked for at Ironman while I was there. I so enjoyed talking to her and catching up. She asked me the same question only in relation to working for Ironman. Do I miss it? And the answer to that is also yes. I do miss working for Ironman. I miss it a lot sometimes. I loved that part of my life and I think of it fondly and often. But if I hadn't left, I wouldn't be in NYC. I wouldn't have met Cameron and I wouldn't have JH. I might have a few more Ironmans under my belt and a good tan, but I wouldn't have what matters most. But, yes, I do miss it.

My dad raced well and finished in 13.01... that's thirteen hours and 1 minute for those of you unfamiliar with the Ironman. Perhaps someday I will do it again... with Cameron... and maybe JH :)


Brooke said...

Way to go Jon! It's fun to see your parents. Your Mom's hair is so cute short. I love JH's cute face in the picture of you guys in the red shirts. Cute family!

scott and lindsey said...

I'm so impressed that you've already finished an ironman and have done so many races and marathons throughout your life! You're amazing! and so is your DAD! How fun to watch him and be apart of that... i bet you'll always miss it a little.