Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why walk when you can run?

JH has finally decided he is confident enough in his abilities as an upright human. For the last 2 months he has been perfecting his skills while attached to our fingers, practically running every chance he gets. He walks every where we go if he can hold on to a finger, but Sunday he decided it was time to let go and let loose. He runs... he doesn't walk. I guess I can't be surprised. He's my son. He's been running since he was a single cell. Congrats my boy! We are so proud of you!

*** You really only need to watch the first few seconds of the video. Then he proceeds to grab the camera and rub his fingers all over the lens. Gripping.


Kristyn said...

adorable...and now the chase is on!!!!

Rebecca Smylie said...

"Gripping." I laughed out loud.

Beth, Cody, Morgan and Pepper said...

Great video! I'm glad to hear he's a runner like you guys. It's good to pass on healthy habits...hopefully Morgan takes after his father in that respect...I guess it would be good for Pepper as well!