Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes living in the city is really hard. It isn't hard because we don't have cars or because we carry our groceries home from the store or because we have to walk in the rain/snow/humidity or because we live in small spaces. It's hard because you meet amazing people who become your best friends and then they go.

We love you Nate, SJ and Norah. Good luck in CA!!


Eliza said...

I feel really sad too, I got a little teary looking through this post. Little John seems a bit distressed too- clearly he was picking up the sad vibe.

The Bowen family is the tops! I sure hope that CA is good to them because they are so good!

kimberly said...

Oh No! Is this JHK's birthday buddy??? And they are moving!?!? I'm so sad for you guys...and for JHK!!! But I'm sure hes plenty cute enough to charm a plethora of other fine ladies :)

Jordan and Candice said...

I agree, this is the hardest part about New York.