Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday JH!!

My handsome little devil turned one today. It doesn't seem right that he should be one when it feels like I just brought him home from the hospital. All good memories. A year I would be happy to repeat but will never get to except through pictures and my memory. How I love this little boy.
And happy birthday to JH's birthday buddy Norah! We had planned to celebrate this milestone together but she has moved across the country. We did celebrate a little early though, and I like to think they will always have that birthday buddy bond. We love you and miss you Norah!


Marci + Dan said...

Happy BIrthday sweet boy!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday cute boy!!! Nikki, I love watching him grow. He is a beautiful baby.

Eliza said...

Happy birthday to the little man!