Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Need an adjustment??

My friend Andy is finishing up chiropractor school in Dallas, TX and desperately needs to see several more patients before graduating in August. They are required to do so many adjustments before they can graduate, and he has had some difficulty in spreading the word about his need for patients. So I thought I would throw it out on the blogosphere. So if you or anyone you know lives in the Dallas area and would like to get an adjustment at a discounted rate, here are the details...

He needs patients before Aug. 10 and his clinic is located in Irving, Texas (an area of Dallas). His number for scheduling is 702-281-9604 or email The clinic requires a full physical on the first visit and there's a class people can attend in order to get a discount on it that is 30 minutes. The physical is very comprehensive and includes xrays so it's a really good value. Then adjustments cost $28 if you pay cash and the clinic accepts all insurances and medicare so most people with health insurance will be covered and only have to pay a copay. Kids can come in too and they are less expensive if anyone is interested.

If you have connections in the Dallas area and want to post this on your own blog to get the word out, please do. Also, feel free to forward to any friends and family who might be interested.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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