Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I dare you to Dickens

I have always been a Dickens fan. Yes, I love Great Expectations even though the main character's name is somewhat silly and questionable, but if you read enough Dickens you will find many of his characters that way... Lady Dedlock, Guppy, Smallweed, Dorritt, Newman Noggs, Wackford Squeers, Smike, Scrooge... the list goes on.
My in-laws watch Nicholas Nickleby every Christmas... all 8 dvds. I have yet to watch it, but I need to soon because I am lost amidst all the inside jokes. Cam and I recently watched Bleakhouse thanks to Netflix Instant Viewing. I loved it. I got so into it that when it was over I missed the characters as if I had really known them.
Lucky for us there is another one to watch... Little Dorritt. You can view it online here. I have been told that it is even better than Bleakhouse, but we shall see. I may start my new obsession tonight.


The Smiths said...

I am excited already! I will definitely check these out! Did I mention you have the most adorable little man ever?

Marci + Dan said...

I'm loving all the movie suggestions. Gracias!

emily said...

I have Little Dorrit saved on my Tivo to watch. Except I think it was 3 installments and it looks like I only got 2 of them recorded. That picture is from Becoming Jane, right?