Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love these girls

Somehow I find myself the only one left here in NYC. Mala, Nikki and Rachel are all in CA and Heather is in the real OC... in OK. But we were all reunited this past weekend for Rachel's wedding, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be with them again. I had almost forgotten how much fun they are, and for a brief 72 hour period I felt like the old Nikki again. It kind of made me want to move to CA, but it's not time yet.

Mala and I became friends over Wicked; Nikki and I share a name; Rachel and I bonded on the Full Moon; and Heather makes my life a little more fabulous. How I love them.


scott and lindsey said...

I miss these girls too!!! Well, the ones I know anyways- that includes you mrs. nikki!! I'm gone this weekend, but NEXT- we on??!!

Heather said...

i miss you more.....i just get a taste of jhk to then be ripped apart.....not fare!

love you and you need to move to the other o.c.!!!