Monday, March 23, 2009

March 22 crept up on me like a bad virus and then exploded in my face making it impossible for me to run away from it. And now... I find myself another year older although I might still say I am 30 for the next couple of years or forever. I had a grandpa who said he was 38 until he died.

31 reasons it's good to be 31 (er.. I mean 30)

1. I am alive.
2. I am healthy.
3. I can still run 6 miles with a jogging stroller and not feel like I should crawl in my bed and die.
4. I started doing yoga so maybe by the time I am 60 I will be flexible enough to do some of the poses these yogis do.
5. I am married to an awesome husband.
6. I have an adorable son who makes every day not only worth living but joyful.
7. I live in NYC.
8. I have done an Ironman.
9. I have done the NYC and Boston Marathons.
10. I studied abroad in London.
11. I graduated from college.
12. I can successfully make wheat bread.
13. My chocolate chip cookies are awesome and I am not afraid to admit that I eat them almost daily.
14. I have 3 sets of parents who love me.
15. I have awesome siblings.
16. People like me... or so they say :)
17. I get to run in Central Park as often as I wish.
18. I am still not on Facebook.
19. I still love to read and prefer it over movies and television.
20. I remember what it was like before email, internet and cell phones.
21. I have great friends from all stages of my life that I still keep in touch with.
22. I have been to Europe several times and never feel like it is enough.
23. I have plans to write a book someday...
24. I appreciate good food but enjoy making it at home just as much.
25. Did I mention I am alive and healthy?
26. My aches and joint creaks are minimal... probably thanks to yoga.
27. My husband made me pancakes on my birthday.
28. My son smiles at me all the time and thinks I am the coolest.
29. I gave birth naturally and would do it again.
30. I love my life and it has been pretty fabulous so far.
31. The future is looking pretty marvelous too.

Here's to being 31.


Mallory said...

That is a great list. I am so happy to have you to turn 31 before me so you can let me know how it feels. I am so excited to see you guys on wed. I just can't wait. You are a beautiful 31 year old and I love you so much. Happy Birthday! Isn't it tomorrow?... No, wait. I just looked at my calendar! It was yesterday! I am a horrible sister. I totally got my days mixed up. I am so sorry. I hope you had a great day!

Reagan said...

Happy birthday nikki! I still don't have a facebook either, stay strong!

Thank you so much for your comment a few weeks back. You have a real gift with uplifting and inspiring words. I need that every once in a while. I hope you have a beautiful day that involves one or more cupcakes!

The Smiths said...

Happy Birthday! Unfortunately I am not far behind!:) What a great time to reflect on your fabulous life! I love it! Have an awesome day!

emily said...

It was lovely chatting with you tonight. I'm glad you had a nice birthday! And I hope to soon sample your world famous chocolate chip cookies, ha!

Kristyn said...

I kept telling myself to send you a note on the 22nd and then of course forgot until now!! I blame it on being'll catch up to you! =) (you know 10 days makes a big difference). Happy Birthday. Love your list (although I have fallen into the facebook world and am fairly addicted). Hopefully we'll get to catch up soon once we hit the east coast this summer.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday! Yes, you have a right to be very pleased with where these last 31 years have taken you!

Rebecca Smylie said...

Happy Birthday! I think it's funny that "I'm alive" and "I did an Ironman" are on the same list. Would kill me.