Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm listening to Andrew Bird right now, which makes me feel a little more like myself. Maybe because I've spent a lot of time recently listening to They Might Be Giants podcasts for kids. Earlier the little man and I had a dance party to Coldplay's Strawberry Swing. We do this often. I started thinking about the relationship between mood and music. Do I listen to music based on my mood or does the music influence my mood? Or is it reciprocal?

Last week I had iTunes on random and heard some songs I had not heard in a long time, like Death Cab for Cutie. It instantly reminded me of my good friend Liz Johnson (now Radcliffe) and our many adventures in the city before I got married. It reminded me of the Death Cab and Franz Ferdinand concert I went to when Cameron and I were first dating, but it was the night that he was flying to Scotland with his dad, and a few days later I would be in Boston having a miserable marathon experience. Death Cab is nostalgic music. I listen to it when I am feeling pensive and melancholic because it validates my mood.

Tonight Andrew Bird makes me feel like Nikki. It doesn't resonate any childlike tunes, but rather smart lyrics and brilliant music. Why does that make me feel like Nikki? It reminds me that there is someone other than mom here. Thanks Andrew.


scott and lindsey said...

love this! Its crazy what music can do to you right!? Take you to a place, make you remeber something and give you the best feeling! Awesome! Glad you found someone that helps you feel you- you're a wonderful mommy and wife and so much more lady!

kimberly said...

Dance parites with your babies are the BEST EVER! My girls and I have a daily ritual of dance parties and you wouldn't believe how fun and happy they are when music comes on - they even boogie down to the hymns in church! You guys are adorable! Love ya!!