Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stolen moment of tenderness

A few months ago, JH decided he did not need to be rocked to sleep, which was a bittersweet moment. It's great that I can just lay him down in his bed, but I sometimes miss those tender moments when he would fall asleep in my arms. Yesterday, as I sat in our favorite chair by the window to feed him, we both dozed off. He laid in my arms peacefully sleeping for nearly 40 minutes. I don't think he has done that in months, and I don't imagine he will make a habit of it, but that was my moment. I treasure those little moments because I know that they will happen less and less as he gets older and be replaced by different tender moments.

This is the way of childhood. A mother holds onto every sweet morsel of love and tenderness and must often come to terms with the growth of her little one. The time does fly by ever so much faster than I ever anticipated that it would, and I find myself grasping at the sands slipping through the hourglass. It's not easy to take advantage of every day, especially the seemingly mundane, but this is life. This is the stuff that I want to remember.

I love waking up to his babble and when I walk into the other room to get him he smiles up at me and gets excited for the morning.

I love the way he smiles at me from across the room.

I love how excited he gets when he knows he is doing something good like sitting up.

I love the way he knows when Cameron is home and reaches for him when he comes through the door.

I love how he licks the window and gives me his commentary on what is happening outside.

I love his "kisses", the open mouth biting of my cheeks, chin and nose.

I love the way he plays with me.

I love that he has already exhibited some of my traits... most namely stubborness.

I love that he is his own person and yet so much a product of his father and me.

I love being his mother.


Mom said...

Oh so true! How fast you grew up and yet at times it seems like yesterday. Hold on to all the moments as they pass so quick. Digital cameras make saving the moments easier. I wish they had been available when you were little. Love you. MOM

Rebecca Smylie said...

Oh these will be such good things to look back and read. For both of you. Babies don't keep...

naomi megan. said...

this is lovely. he certainly is one special little boy who is very lucky to have you as his mother.

Melissa C said...

I started to tear up as I read this. You are so right! It made me want to go hug Soren and Keira right now- but they are already asleep so I must wait.

familia Bybaran said...

I love that look. It's so precious. I love that he licks the window too. Funny.