Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Save Handmade

Something is seriously wrong with the world when laws are passed that practically annihilate handmade toys. This makes me so sad. Big toy manufacturers have screwed up so royally as of late with all their toxins and bad paint and poorly made toys that now artisans who make quality toys out of wood, organic materials and under safe and fair conditions are being forced out of business. What will happen to all of the cool etsy shops that sell handmade and wooden toys? I hate Toys R Us and anything like it. It's the same as big farms that mistreat animals and pump their crops and animals full of hormones for mass production. It's wrong. I don't agree with it. Not to mention I hate toys that are stupid and plastic and electronic that have no point. They limit a child's imagination and are annoying.

If you value all that is right and good in the world... Save Handmade.


Melissa C said...

I was waiting for you to do a post on this. It is so sad. I am glad to see you have found a site to help save these small companies. I was stoked to see that they will still be allowing some resale (depending on how you interpret it), because so many people I know rely on either purchasing resale or reselling their own to buy more. I tried writing my congress people, but haven't heard anything back. I am very dissapointed in them this time around.

Jessie said...

good info on save handmade i found:

April Lowe said...

Nix - this is not just toys. It is ANYTHING for use on anyone 12 years and under. This means people who knit hats, sew, make shoes or clothing, etc, etc in addition to toys will be out of business! What is up with business in the USA?!?!?