Thursday, October 16, 2008

When Liz came to town

This is my friend Liz. We met here in the city 3.5 years ago and became "besties." Then I met Cameron. And she moved to China. But now she's back in Utah, married and happy. She was here over the weekend, so we met up to have a little lunch at our favorite little pizza place on 58th - Bella Vita - where we used to go all the time a few years back. Liz is beautiful and men love her, so it was only natural that the little man would get his flirt on while she was around. He was all smiles... except for the 30 minute naptime breakdown he had late in the afternoon, but he's so cute even his sad face is adorable.

It was good to see Liz. We miss her already.

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Rebecca Smylie said...

She got married?! Always wondered who that lucky man would be. Thanks Nikki, for little bits of news from a former life.