Friday, October 10, 2008


So Cameron and I like to celebrate our Half-a-versary on Oct. 7th. It's fun to celebrate an occasion most people don't know about. We spent the blessed evening making a Target run with the little man in a rental car Cameron had access to from work. Good times were had by all and we arrived home with 30 rolls of toilet paper, 100 diapers and a few other miscellaneous items. Thanks to a giftcard we only spent about $12.

There is something so fun about recognizing how far we have come in the past 6 months and discussing all the highlights and then looking forward to another 6 months. The next half a year promises to be an adventure. Here's to 18 months of wedded bliss and joy!

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naomi megan said...

happy half! i love it.

and wow, i love that photo. you both are beautiful. one of my favorites of you two.