Friday, September 05, 2008

Not so Shameless Promotion

There is a great website called Etsy, which I am sure you have all heard about, visited and perhaps even purchased from. It's a brilliant idea... a site for people to sell homemade stuff. I support free enterprise, commerce and the entrepreneurial spirit, especially if it comes to me and doesn't bear a label that says "Made in China."

I recently purchased some baby items for a good friend from one of these great Etsy shops called Lillebarn, namely this cute winter hat....
It just so happens that this hat was made by my old college roommate and good friend April Lowe. She was kind enough to send me a hat for the little man and some great burp cloths along with the gift items I purchased. I recommend perusing the site and buying something for the next baby shower you attend. I promise you will not be disappointed and it's so much more fun to give a gift that didn't come from Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby or have the potential to be given by several other people. This is original, my friends... and what baby couldn't use a nice soft hat for winter and some burp cloths??

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