Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You know you have a city baby when...

By 4 weeks of age he has...

1. been to the Met 2 times
2. been to the MOMA once
3. ridden the bus, a cab and the subway
4. taken a walk with mom down 57th street (the loudest street in the city) and didn't even flinch 5. gone shopping in SoHo
6. already found solace in Central Park
7. Been to 3 out of 5 boroughs
8. been to an orchestra concert in Central Park
9. become his own celebrity taking pictures with all his adoring fans

I don't subscribe to that philosophy that you should shelter your baby in your home for the first 6 weeks of their life. Lame. I like being outside, and I assure you my son does as well, even though he is usually sleeping when we are outside. Anyway, he's my kid which means he's got a good immune system (building it up as we speak) so he can take it. Besides, we live in NYC, and there is so much to see and do. How long will the list be at 2 months???
The "I just woke up and have fuzzy hair and an old man face" look. I adore this.

Mom and I and JHK at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Grant, Rachel's awesome significant other and JHK.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Rach holding JHK and SJ with Norah.

Suzy visiting and holding the Nairn.
A visit from the Jacksons...


naomi megan said...

i love the old man face.
and i'm getting nervous maybe JHK has done more in the city in his short 4 weeks of life thus far than I myself have ever gotten around to doing yet I've lived here since 2004.

how embarrassing.

April Lowe said...

I love these photos. He is getting bigger! Looks like your mom was able to make it out - so fun! I wish there were all those things to do here in Dallas. I get stir crazy too and can't stay holed up for 6 weeks.

Love you, Apes

Beth, Cody and Morgan said...

It is good to get out of the house for both of you. It helps that it's summer and the weather is so nice. What a great list. Even if he doesn't remember a thing, he'll be grateful you took him to do all those fun things.

Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures!! All that scenery is that much prettier with your baby! :) I'm glad your mom came to visit! And, Nikki, you look fantastic!!

Nikki said...

I can't get over how adorable your sweet little baby is. So glad your mom was still able to come see her new grandson. How is John doing by the way?

familia Bybaran said...

Great pictures. You do have a city baby. Have you already gotten yelled at by your neighbors and/or just other city dwellers about all the things you are doing wrong as a mother or why you are taking the baby our when he is so young? When you learn to smile and ignore that, that's when you are a city a mother, right?

Ann said...

I LOVE the pictures! JHK is perfect, and you couldn't look more beautiful either. You had nothing to worry about. I agree with you about taking the baby out. It actually never even occurs to me to keep my babies in. You're right. That would be totally lame.

Doug and Dawn Hardy said...

Great pictures. I agree with you about getting out of the house. I always do early on with my babies. That is wonderful that your mom could come visit. By the way you look amazing. You don't look like you had a baby 4 weeks ago.

noelle regina said...

love the pictures!
next time you're strolling through Cenrtal Park, i'll catch you before it's over hopefully!

Rachel said...

grant looks good holding mr. man!! I might need to look in to that situation.