Friday, April 25, 2008

The best first year

Cameron and I had our first anniversary earlier this month, and instead of going on a trip we decided to spend a day exploring our favorite city - NYC. We spent the night in a hotel downtown, got up and explored lower Manhattan.
We wouldn't be in NY if we didn't stop to get a bagel for breakfast. I actually had a chocolate croissant, but that's why we don't have a picture of me. Chocolate croissants are more customary in France.

Trinity Church

Pigeons enjoying the morning at Trinity Church.
We took the ferry to Staten Island just for fun. As you can see it was not warm this day, which was fitting since it wasn't really warm on our wedding day either.

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

We went to several different churches downtown, ate lunch on Stone Street near Goldman Sachs and stopped by a chocolaterie for a bite of goodness before walking up to Soho. Fun times... There was supposed to be a dinner in there at the restaurant we went to on our first date - Giorgio's of Gramercy - but Cam got sick, so we went home and I took care of him instead. The anniversary dinner has been postponed. The best part is that staying home with each other is just as much fun as exploring together. How I love my husband. Here's to year 1 and many more to follow.

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Tamara said...

What a perfect couple:)