Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Viva Loo Who...

My niece Genevieve Rose is my favorite... I know you shouldn't have favorites, but sometimes I do. She turned 7 this past January and calls this her baptism eve year. I can hardly believe she is 7 because I remember when she was born rather abruptly and unexpectedly 10 weeks early. She went through a lot her first 2 months of life, but you would never know it by what a high spirited and energetic child she is. She often calls and leaves me these funny and great messages on my phone, but those calls are becoming fewer and less frequent. She called yesterday and left me a message on my phone, and I was a little astonished at how she no longer sounded like the little little girl she used to. She sounded older and more grown up, and I felt a twinge of sadness. I thought of how much longer she is going to want to call her Aunt Nikki before she gets too old and too cool to call family just for fun.

I miss her. I am always telling her that she needs to just fly out to NYC and spend a week here. She used to tell me that she couldn't because she wasn't allowed to fly be herself. When I asked her yesterday, she didn't respond except to say that she and Mordecai (my nephew) would be flying out alone to Colorado to their grandparents' farm for cousins camp. What??? What about NYC? Well, I know my brother probably wouldn't have too many reservations about sending her out for a visit, but I am not so sure my sister-in-law would be so easy to convince. I suppose most mothers would be less than enthusiastic about sending their 7-year-old daughter on a plane by themselves to the crazy Big Apple. Someday I will convince them.

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Tamara said...

I have heard one of those adorable messages and she is a complete delight. Just think about how much you are going to love your own little one:)