Thursday, December 20, 2007

News stories that make me mad...

1. MTA fare hikes... who the heck is running this show anyway? Why would we need to jack up the fares when they have a surplus unless they are planning to pilfer away the surplus with obscene and unaccountable spending. Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too, MTA. May you get nothing but coal in your stocking delivered by a sleigh of mole people driven by a team of giant rats.

2. Jamie Lynn Spears... seriously. Nickelodeon has no ethical choice but to cancel the show... the last thing we need is another moral deprived pregnant teen star as a role model. And the irony - that her mom is writing a parenting book. I would actually like to read what she has to say, so I can do the exact opposite. She is the last person on earth that I would take parenting advice from. Britney Spears is a disaster and is spiralling toward that category of nothingness called "has been." I really wish everyone would stop reporting on her life as if it is really that newsworthy.

3. Two teens being charged for murder for practicing Mortal Kombat video game moves on one of their younger sisters. Are you kidding me? When is it ok to have a large 17-year-old body slam a 7-year old, kick her and beat her and then act surprised when she loses consciousness? And who ever taught these kids that putting her under water would revive her? They deserve to be tried like adults and spend the rest of their miserable lives locked behind bars.

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Rachel said...

the teen story makes me completely ill. I can't imagine. I just can't.