Monday, November 05, 2007

View from the top

I work on the 33rd floor of my building on 57th street, and there are windows all around the floor. I have a nice eastern view of the Playboy Building, Trump Building and Sony among other things. To the south is the GE building, Citi and Financial Times. Every day I come in here and walk past these windows a few dozen times and say to myself, "You really ought to get some pictures from up here." It's a unique view. So Saturday, I had to be at work in the morning for a couple of hours for some recruiting events, and during a quiet spell I decided to pull out the camera and take some pictures.

This is looking toward the street from the south side of my floor. I love looking at all the different rooftops. There are some (not in this photo) that have putting greens on the top.

This is also looking south. The GE building would be to the right of this photo and is in Rockefeller Center. I believe it has the highest commercial rent in the city.

This is looking East from my desk down 57th street. On the left of this photo are all the high fashion buildings... Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach, etc.

This is the intersection of 5th Avenue and 57th Street. It is a very busy intersection at all hours of the day. There is Tiffany's on the SE corner, Bergdorf Goodman on the NW corner and more high fashion.

Bank of America also occuppies the majority of the floors in the 9 West 57th Street building, which has the second highest rent in the building. I often plan receptions on the 48th floor, which has a fantastic view of Central Park. Last Friday, I was there preparing a reception to take place that evening, and the lighting from the sunset made it a good time for a photo.


Aaron, Lindsey, and Zander said...

Those are awesome pictures. What a fantastic view you have! I really want to come visit some time!

Lindsey said...

Those are GORGEOUS!

Naomi and Josh Davis said... you ever get short-winded?

Rebecca said...

I love the ones with the park in them. Good photos. I'm on the 53rd floor of my building, and we're just south of Central Park. Being an Upper West Sider (Harlem counts as UWS, right?) the bottom half of the city doesn't concern me anyhow, so for me it's a full view.

Nikki said...

I have always wanted to go to New York & after seeing those pictures it makes me want to come visit even more. They are incredible! You live it a pretty amazing place.