Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nothing but a see you later

Cameron and I were fortunate enough to fly back to Utah to attend his grandfather's funeral over the weekend. Actually, most of the family was able to make it back, which was a blessing on such short notice. I have to admit that although I love cemeteries, I do not always enjoy funerals. But this service was different than any other I have attended. Although there was some obvious sadness at the loss of such a great and loved man, the spirit of the day was one of joy and celebration. John Henry Kelly was a good man who lived a great life. He was so optimistic and full of laughter that he spread happiness wherever he went. It was so great to hear the stories about him from his long time friends, business associates and family. Cameron's brother Ian wore Dan Dan's military coat while he read from his war memoirs. It was very touching. He received a true military hero's burial with the United States Army. It was lovely. It wasn't a goodbye kind of thing... just a see you later.

Cameron and I had the chance to spend a little time with Nan after the funeral. We stayed with her and let her feed us and pamper us all night even though we tried to help her out the whole time. I cannot imagine what it would be like those first days and weeks without your sweetheart who has been by your side for 64 years. But Nan is a strong woman, and she has lots of family and friends who love her nearby. I'm so glad we got to have her to ourselves for a little while.

It was the perfect time to be in Utah. It looked, smelled and felt like fall. Colors were bursting over all the trees, there was a crisp freshness in the air and the weather was cool enough for a jacket but not cold. We enjoyed going on a Sunday walk with some of Cameron's siblings while the kids played in the Elf House... a little play area Cameron's dad set up under the big tree in the front yard. When the kids are in there, you can't even see them. This is Khali and Millie, who were playing with Grandpa.

Here are 4 of Cam's sisters and sister-in-law Allison. From left to right - Summer, Tess, Liza and Betta.

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