Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sick Days

On our way to Block Island, I was just complaining about how lame it is that I have all these sick days that I never really use and don't get anything for. I rarely get sick enough that I can't go to work. So those days just go unused... I wish I could use them as personal days or vacation days since we all know Americans don't get enough vacation days. Some people get 4 weeks, and then there are those of us who get 2. What's that all about? I think everyone should get a week every quarter. The Europeans all take a month off. Anyway, I digress. Suddenly, while enjoying a lovely day at the beach I sense some scratchiness in my throat. Odd. It sort of goes downhill from there. I found myself yesterday tired from not sleeping due to the sore throat and coughing, so I convinced myself for the first time in a long time to call in sick... I mean, we are probably talking at least a year and a half. So I got to use one of my sick days. Ironically, I feel worse today, but I decided to come to work anyway. It's a good thing I can go home in an hour.


Anonymous said...

I am a big supporter of the "mental health day." Mental Health is just as important if not more important than physical health. So, if you are feeling burnt out, exhausted, or just need time to get your life back in order... the mental health day is a 100% legitimate way to use a sick day.

Ann said...


I'm actually so impressed and relieved to there are people (or maybe you are the only one) who use sick days honestly. In my years of working, it was so frustrating to always have people claiming to be sick all the time. Probably most of us are well enough to go to work almost all of the time. However, I do think it would definitely be fair for the "well" of us to be able to cash in our sick days at the end of the year or something. Totally.
I love reading about your NY life. It seems straight out of a book--so enchanting and romantic. Riding bikes, train rides to the beach, subway rides, outdoor concerts...man, it sounds so fun...I bet you love it there. Do you think you and Cameron will be there forever? By the way, I'm so glad you and Cameron are so happy. It may be common to still be star stricken early in marriage, but it seems like the kind of relationship you and Cameron have is a bit more unusual...It seems like you have built a great foundation.

P.S. I'm so glad you like my wall!