Monday, July 23, 2007

Enter the Significant Other

I think it took a lot of guts for Nikki Purdy to marry me. And even more to officially grant me the privilege and honor of being able to contribute to her blog. It is such a part of who she is and how she gets the word out.
Her fearless blogging was something that I found fascinating when we were dating. She very rarely goes back and edits her posts. She just pounds it out. I struggle with nearly every sentence that I write. I blame my short attention span and inability to spell.
She is very free with her feelings and with information I would have a hard time sharing with anyone, let alone a world wide web of an audience. I don't want you to know I can't spell. I really don't.
So, for me to even be writing this (and going back and editing all the misspellings) is something that I think we can chalk up as another one of Nikki's accomplishments. Not only is she a gifted blogger, but she has the capacity to bring others unto blogging.
How many of us who have mused along with her have not been inspired in some way to share what we are living? Even if it's not edited? To get up and run like Nikki? To get into life like Nikki? To get out on the floor and dance like Nikki?
I guess that's why I'm here. She just knew I was ready. Ready to share. And I guess that's why she married me. She knew I was ready to be her eternal significant other, and perhaps, maybe someday, her blogger buddy.
That day has come, and I am a better man for it.
Thanks, Babe.


nikki said...

Yay!!! Finally I have a buddy on my blog :)

Lindsey said...

Maybe we can get Fred into blogging now, too. I have to threaten unspeakable things to get him to read my blog.

I am also excited.

Nicole Cave said...

I can honestly say that Ashton would never be a contributor on my blog. It just isn't him. But that is great for the two of you.

Kimberly Wernli said...

Oh my gosh Cameron is so adorable! I can not wait to meet him. Yeah for Nikki! and you too Cameron.

Margo said...

How fun. We are so excited to see you guys.

Ann said...

Yep, getting Brian to even read my blog without rolling his eyes is pretty tough...So, props to you, Cameron. And congratulations on marrying Nikki! You guys really do seem perfect together!