Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A San Francisco Treat

Cameron and I just spent the weekend in city by the Bay for the wedding of Mala and Mason - our good friends. The wedding was fantastic... very Martha Stewart-esque with a candy table, pashminas for the ladies who were cold, a stunning dinner and a packed schedule. It was lovely, but more importantly, it was awesome to see our two friends get married.

Saturday... first things first... Fisherman's Wharf to see the sea lions. I had been telling Cameron about the crazy sea lions, but he didn't quite grasp how comical it was until we were standing there watching them. I think Cam enjoyed it quite a bit. We spent the rest of the afternoon touring the sites of San Francisco... by bike. We rented bikes at this place called Blazing Saddles, which I would not recommend to anyone because their maps are useless and so are their directions. Anyway, we rode along the water and then over the Golden Gate Bridge, which was similar to riding over the George Washington Bridge only much windier. However, the view was marvelous, and it was definitely a better way to see the city than by car.

We rode back over and to the Palace of Fine Arts, where we took a break to admire the beautiful surroundings and eat some candy before heading over to Ghiradelli Square. Instead of buying chocolate or ice cream as one would normally do in a situation like this, we ordered hot chocolate as it was anything but warm and inviting outside. From there, Cameron wanted to ride bikes down Lombard Street - "the crookedest street". To get there, we had to ride up this incredibly steep and heinous hill, and I thought I might lose my lunch before I reached the top. But reach the top we did. We got the ok from the policeman to go down on our bikes, and my fearless husband hopped on and was on his way... I, on the other hand, am not a big fan of riding down super steep, windy hills on a bike I am largely unfamiliar with... call me a pansy. It's true. But through a little coaxing and encouragement from my better half, I was on my way and we made it to the bottom without killing ourselves. We became the subject of many a photograph on our way down.

We returned our bikes and decided to head back to the hotel by cable car... We hopped on near Fisherman's Wharf and took the trolley car all the way to market street. It was a fascinating ride. I have been to San Fran several times, but I have never ridden on a cable car. Very exciting. We topped the day off with a trip to In 'n Out. You sure can't beat dinner for 2 for $7.50.

We are back in the NYC back to work and life as we know it... but I can still hear Cameron singing, "Clang Clang Clang went the trolley. Ring Ring Ring went the bell. Zing Zing Zing went my heartstrings. From the moment I saw her I fell..."

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Lindsey said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I've only been to San Francisco once, and I loved it (we weren't there long enough though). You are pretty brave to attempt Lombard St. on a bike. Yikes!! I hope you're loving married life...it's so fun to travel together, isn't it? Take care!